Working with health charities

We have worked closely with several clients in the hospice and health sector, but particularly those that are working under the auspices of the NHS. These charities have specialist needs as they are operating in an environment which links them closely to the parent organisation, usually through a corporate trustee structure.

The recent changes in the NHS are creating new challenges and we have extensive experience in assisting NHS-based charities through times of uncertainty that have dictated major and sudden changes. Many have had to re-assess their governance arrangements and it is also clear that all NHS charities will be expected to raise more funds to provide greater support during a time of increased pressure on NHS budgets. 

The framework for NHS Charities is complex, especially with corporate trustee responsibility. With huge challenges to manage, the charity can struggle for “air time” with the Trustee and this can be a major challenge. However, the potential to develop improved levels of income has been well demonstrated and this remains a significant opportunity for many NHS Charities. The key to success is sound strategic planning with proper resourcing of the charity, with strong fundraising leadership. With such a massive footfall through NHS hospital sites, the scope to reach out to patients, visitors and staff is substantial.

We undertake various projects with hospices and NHS Charities. These include reports into potential mergers, governance issues and strategic challenges to scope the future direction and status of a charity.

The Board was delighted with the both the quality and the content of the report and the recommendations made.Claire Briegel, Chair of the Charitable Funds, Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

We have delivered many project reports to develop the Fundraising Strategy for NHS clients. We review the current situation on the site, assess the local potential and then suggest the best strategy to be able to increase the charitable income. This includes advice on how the charity presents itself on site and to the wider community and defines the level of investment and return to be expected. It is important that the Trustee is involved and we would normally expect to present our finding to the Trustee Board or to the Charitable Funds Committee.

The report was detailed and informative and I was very pleased with this work and it definitely challenged us to be more strategic in our approach to this service Joanne Medhurst, Medical Director, Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust