Our Approach

Successful charities always depend on people; the relationship between those asking for support and the donor wanting to provide support. Our approach is also personal. We like to get to know our clients and develop a deep understanding of their organisations. We spend time meeting and interviewing staff, supporters and volunteers. We need to know about the problems and understand the ambitions of stakeholders.

We have a working template that is very simple and we pride ourselves on using plain English. For virtually every assignment, there are three key elements:

Where are you now?
This looks at the current situation in the context of the brief agreed with our client. With a fundraising strategy, we would undertake interviews with key people and assess the wider perspective of local competition, internal competition and the potential. If it’s a governance issue, this would focus on the challenges faced, especially when change management is essential. We do not shy from identifying problems that need to be resolved but may be uncomfortable to confront.

Where do you want to be?

This identifies the level of opportunity, helping to clarify the longer term Vision and Mission. We scope out the key challenges that need to be addressed and consider aspects such as corporate identity, levels of investment, governance issues, competitive opportunities and market positioning.

How do you get there?

This provides a plan to take the charity into a new stage, to achieve its medium and longer term aspirations. We advise on a wide range of aspects but really focus on the strategic implications. We are available to work alongside management to assist in delivering the desired outcomes.

We have five key areas that form the basis of our work.

Charity Shops Review is a package that will look at every aspect of the retail operation and deliver a report that will advise on the potential for income growth, improved performance, possible opportunities for product segmentation and new site development. Liz Showell will lead any consultancy work in this area.

Strategic Planning is fundamental to any charity and we specialise in providing a service that can evaluate and recommend changes to organisational structure and the development of new strands of activity.

Fundraising Strategy is a core strength of our offering and within our team we have considerable depth of experience. Fundamental to any successful fundraising programme, regardless of context, is a clearly defined case for support. Supporters donate to make a difference and need to receive the appropriate level of recognition in return. Donors usually wish to be treated as partners in their relationship with the beneficiary, particularly in the context of high value support. Personal relationships are critical, underpinned with robust data and information management systems that also enable the development of new supporters. However, most of all, fundraisers need to be passionate and inspire others to support the cause and communicate that passion in everything they do and say.

Realising your fundraising potential is a special fixed package that provides charity trustees and management with an overview of the health of their charity. We review the current state of the operation, assess the local potential and produce a report that will provide indicators for the best framework and resources required to maximise the opportunity to raise more funds.

Corporate Challenge Events require specialist knowledge and can be an exceptional success in the relationship with corporate partners. We have unrivalled experience in this area and have been involved in challenge events for over twenty years. We can provide the advice and templates for a highly successful event.